Thursday, December 1, 2011

December has arrived.

Late last night, the wind began assaulting Sasebo. I thought it sounded spooky last night. This morning, it was so bad I was nervous to drive to work. (I didn't even leave the house until full daylight - driving was scary enough without the added factor of not being able to see the road clearly.)
It stayed windy all day. And all afternoon. And all evening. And I was working late again...hour-past-sunset late. The temperature dropped again, too. I have no cold-weather gear for work.
However, I did come home to a delicious dinner, and I put up a Christmas wreath on the front door. It's very simple - no lights, no holly, just a green wreath and a red bow. Ok, the wreath hanger does have jingle bells on it, but it's still very simple.
--as I write this, I wonder if maybe putting a wreath on the door in high winds is smart...but I just checked. It's fine.

Still figuring out what motif to use on my sister's blanket. Still just as clueless.
--ok, I haven't even made another test motif since the last few I posted. But I have an excuse. The rotary cutting set I ordered arrived yesterday, and I had to practice on some scrap fabric to get the hang of using it.

That's about it tonight. Tomorrow is Friday, though, and I have a weekend full of crafting planned! I'm even going to get the Christmas tree set up!

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