Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stress Relief Knitting

We all know it (or at least understand the idea.) Guess what I've been doing a lot of?
I have this awesome hexipuff kit that I received in a Ravelry swap, and it fits perfectly in my cargo pocket. So of course, the thing goes everywhere with me. And waiting doesn't seem so long, either.
My only problem right now is, I'd much rather be working on a big project, like a sweater or lace shawl...but they almost require too much attention, and I might find myself more stressed by having to rip out & re-knit any mistakes. At least with a hexipuff, it's only about 15 yards of yarn.
Anyway, here is my awesome traveling hexipuff kit!

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The Final Countdown

I'm still getting used to typing on the screen; I learned to type so long ago that it feels weird to do something different.
Anyway, that isn't what this post is about.
It's about moving, and the insane amount of stress it brings.
Have you ever moved internationally? There are a lot of details that become critical if you don't address them quickly. Some are obvious, like passports and plane tickets. Others are important but get overlooked if you're not careful, like veterinary health certificates and properly sized kennels for your pets. And then, the detais when you land - vehicles and housing, and phones and banking.
I went to the clinic yesterday, and was quite surprised that my blood pressure wasn't higher.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Testing the new tablet...

Tim gave me an awesome gift today - a tablet! This isn't something I would buy myself, but so far I love it.
And, I'd like to get back to blogging again - I've been slacking on New posts for a very long time.
So here I am, testing out the bloggeroid app (since the regular blogger app isn't particularly fun to work with.) So far, I like it; I've accidentally hit the home button twice while typing, and both times I only lost the last two words typed. That's pretty good, to me.
I haven't yet tried bold or italics or strikethrough so we'll see if those managed to come through.

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