Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stress Relief Knitting

We all know it (or at least understand the idea.) Guess what I've been doing a lot of?
I have this awesome hexipuff kit that I received in a Ravelry swap, and it fits perfectly in my cargo pocket. So of course, the thing goes everywhere with me. And waiting doesn't seem so long, either.
My only problem right now is, I'd much rather be working on a big project, like a sweater or lace shawl...but they almost require too much attention, and I might find myself more stressed by having to rip out & re-knit any mistakes. At least with a hexipuff, it's only about 15 yards of yarn.
Anyway, here is my awesome traveling hexipuff kit!

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  1. Hopefully you are all moved and settled by now. Where did you end up? We moved from Japan to Spain so I really do know what you went through. Aren't Craftsy classes great.