Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year, New Pattern

Yes, we're more than a week into 2018, and yes, this actually did get published last week. So I'm a bit late. But not really, since school here didn't start back up until this Monday, so it hasn't really felt like the new year until this week. And then it rained for two days, which in Las Vegas is a really big deal. The last rainfall we had here was September 13th. That's nearly three months with no rain. 

So it's no wonder I've been dragging a bit with everything else. 

Anyway, my most recent pattern is now live on ILikeCrochet Magazine! 

This handy little pouch uses just under a skein of Cascade Yarns Sunseeker. I wish the yarn photographed better, there's a metallic thread spun into it that gives quite a bit of sparkle. But it's still a nice looking zipper pouch, if I do say so myself!

Monday, October 2, 2017

We are safe.

First, I want to say that we are safe, our friends in town are safe, all of us are out of danger.

I was going to post a regular Weekend Wind-up since I haven't done so in a bit.
Today is not the day for that.

I woke up to half a dozen texts, emails, and facebook messages asking if I was safe. At this point, it was 6 am, I hadn't had any coffee, and I'd gone to bed early on Sunday owing the a headache that just wouldn't quit. So I hadn't seen the news.
After updating my friends on the Facebook safetycheck page, and noting that my local friends were also safe, I started reading the news.
And...I don't have words. I'm just sad.

The only thing I can reliably say at a time like this is, We Love You. All of you, even if we don't know you, even if we haven't met you, we love you.
I'm about to bake up some pumpkin bread and take the boys to church, since it's open for anyone to pray today.

If you live in Las Vegas, there are blood drives today at 6930 W. Charleston, 601 Whitney Ranch, and 901 Rancho Ln.

And if you don't live in Las Vegas...please hold those affected in your thoughts. It's a tiny gesture, but means so much. Love is felt even when we're worlds apart, we feel it even when we don't know who or where it comes from. And it's a comfort.

I've got tears now, which weren't there when I started typing. It's starting to hit full-force, so I'm going to post this up now and update later.

Remember, we love you. All of you.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Into Crochet Sale!!

To celebrate the start of my favorite season, I'm running a sale in my Ravelry store. All patterns are 20% off now through midnight (PDT) on Monday, 25.September.2017. No coupon needed, just add patterns to your cart and check out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Garden Report - the Surprise Potato

I tried a Thing this spring, whereby I attempted to grow another rose bush. I had a cutting from my lovely yellow rose bush, and I planted it in a potato and hoped for the best.
The cutting did not survive. I was a little bummed, but to be honest I didn't expect it to take. I didn't see a compelling reason to pull the dead stick, so I just left it there.

Fast-forward a few months, and I noticed that the spot where I'd planted the rose cutting had green coming up.
Folks, this is a potato plant.
Rather by accident, I've got potatoes growing in a xeriscaped Las Vegas yard.

I doubt it will yield much, but hey! It's still fun! (And it does keep growing, so who knows what we'll get?)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Seasonal Change Cowl

It's here! My newest design, the Seasonal Change Cowl:

The weather is getting cooler. The days are getting shorter. And the leaves will soon begin to turn.

This cowl takes less than a skein of Malabrigo Rios. And it works up quick - one of my testers finished in an afternoon. It's perfect for a last-minute fall accessory, and even better for those last-minute handmade holiday gifts.

The pattern is available for sale in both my Ravelry and Craftsy stores.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Wind-Up

I've set a new personal record in sock-knitting. These took one week, from start to finish.
And I love them. 

Since I'm apparently on a sock-knitting kick right now, I started another pair. Once again, I'm just knitting a plain sock and letting the yarn show itself off. 

Felici is sooooo soft! I love this yarn. 

Friday, September 8, 2017