Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year, New Pattern

Yes, we're more than a week into 2018, and yes, this actually did get published last week. So I'm a bit late. But not really, since school here didn't start back up until this Monday, so it hasn't really felt like the new year until this week. And then it rained for two days, which in Las Vegas is a really big deal. The last rainfall we had here was September 13th. That's nearly three months with no rain. 

So it's no wonder I've been dragging a bit with everything else. 

Anyway, my most recent pattern is now live on ILikeCrochet Magazine! 

This handy little pouch uses just under a skein of Cascade Yarns Sunseeker. I wish the yarn photographed better, there's a metallic thread spun into it that gives quite a bit of sparkle. But it's still a nice looking zipper pouch, if I do say so myself!

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