Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Wind-Up

I think this weekend was too short. It's already Sunday night, and I am in no shape to go to work tomorrow. (Actually, I'm in perfect shape to go to work, but I just don't want to.)

The new quilt is...on hold. It's Tim's fault. No, really, it is...I use a spray starch method for applique (there's a great tutorial for it at Piece N Quilt). The problem is, Tim can't stand the starch smell. Nor can he stand the lemon-scented starch smell. And of course, our Japanese house makes it impossible to avoid smelling that starchy smell no matter where I am working (unless I go outside, and then how will I plug in the iron?). So, it's on the back burner until we have some sort of compromise.

Of course, I still managed to piece a quilt top today...I got the Blogger's Choice fat quarter bundle for March on the same day I received The Hunger Games books, which means that it was ignored until this week. And then I looked at the fabrics, made a decision and came up with this:
Now I just need some fabric for backing & binding. I'm not sure if I should use one of the print fabrics, or just a solid color...

Oh yeah. I had a bunch of triangles left over from this, so I tried making a Yankee Puzzle block:

And sometime during the Seinfeld marathon evenings (the library has the entire series on DVD), I managed to knit another dishcloth. These are almost useless in our house, though, since I'm the only one who uses them instead of sponges...and I'm exempt from washing dishes.

That about sums it up for the weekend. I hope yours was as productive as mine!

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