Saturday, March 4, 2017


Oh, hey, it's March. National Crochet Month. I had intended to do something for this, but got distracted by some sad news and was just reminded of this today. (Well, yesterday. I wrote most of this post on Friday.)

So, in my super-quick-scrounge-up-a-project...yeah, ok. I made another pair of these.

I think I'm addicted to making house shoes. It could just be the pattern; it's seriously cute, and easy to follow. Plus, I can make a pair in an evening or two, and I can stash bust through my acrylic/acrylic blends easily. Ok, I did purchase new yarn for these. There was a sale at JoAnn when I went there to pick up items for another project. I liked the colors. I thought they'd make cute slippers. Here we are.

Well, there are still 28 27 days left in the month, I will surely be back with more crochet stories!

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