Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Wind-Up

I didn't get much time with a hook or needles this weekend. Instead, I planted some vegetables. 

Rather than build raised garden beds (Tim would never agree to that, anyway), I'm trying my hand at container gardening. I found this planter box at Lowe's, then visited Star Nursery for the potting mix and seedlings. I have bush beans, cucumbers, and basil and oregano in this box.
If I get one cucumber, I'll call it success. 
These are carrots. Or at least, they will be. I hope. 

Strawberries. I have very low expectations for these, but the notes at Star Nursery said this variety is well suited to containers, so I'm hopeful.

And then, I decided I wanted something ornamental for the patio. 
Eventually, I'll build a stand for this one. 

Who knows how this will turn out. Gardening in Las Vegas isn't the same as gardening elsewhere, but then again I haven't really gardened elsewhere. We'll see! 

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