Thursday, March 16, 2017

Finished a project, woo-hoo!

That market bag I started on Sunday? It's done.
I should have paid more attention to handle placement, and I totally will with the next attempt. But this will still work to carry home some groceries.
I need another six or so, I think. I have a few already, and I use them when I shop at Sprouts and Trader Joe's, but I seldom bring them to Smith's when I do my heavy grocery shopping. I don't have enough to fit all the groceries, yet, and I've noticed that if you bring two reusable bags, the bagger attempts to fit all the groceries in those two bags - even when it is painfully obvious that it just won't work.
This was made using three balls of Lily Sugar'n Cream, and I think that cleared out the rest of my stash for cheap dishcloth cotton. Thank goodness. This stuff wears like iron, but crocheting with it is not fun at all.
I'm still writing up the pattern for it, stay tuned!

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