Saturday, December 17, 2011

What happened to the moisture?

I (re-)discovered the downside of cold weather this morning.
It required two tylenol and turning the humidifier on high for an hour to fix.

In Japan, very few houses have central heat. Instead, combination air conditioners/heaters are used. These are electric and work for one room. For other rooms, portable electric heaters may be used.
This didn't seem like such a big deal when we first moved in. I was a bit concerned about the cost, but when I discovered it costs less to heat the house than to cool it, I stopped worrying.
That was before the temperature dropped to just above freezing.
Now, it is very cold outside, and fairly warm inside...but dry. Very, very dry. So dry that when I took the laundry out of the washer and hung it up, the sweatshirts were dry in a couple hours. It is so dry you catch a static shock just by walking close to something metal.
It's so dry I woke up with a severe headache this morning.
So this afternoon, I will be venturing back to the Navy Exchange and picking up an additional humidifier for the bedroom.
Because I can't wake up every day feeling like my head is split in two.

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