Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret Santa Origami Book

Here's the book:

Here's the inspiration:

Here's how I made it:

I started with a modified Swagged Square: there are extra post stitches in rounds 4 and 6. I used an I hook instead of an H for this, which was just enough to match the square size to the origami paper size.
Once the square was completed, I used half-double crochet across one side of the square, turned, and used hdc across until I could fold the panel to make a book cover:
You will probably notice I changed colors a few times. In this case, the color changes went:
Red- 5 rows
Green- 2 rows
Red- 3 rows
Green- 4 rows
Red- 3 rows
Green- 2 rows
Red- 11 rows

The next step was to fold the end over and make it stay. I used the green yarn and single crochet for this:

This wound up being a single crochet border around the entire book.
Once it was complete, it was wrapped & given to my Secret Santa at the office holiday party, who loved the origami paper. Not so sure about the crochet cover, but this was just to keep the paper from going all over.

 *A word about the color: That really is red and green, not red and yellow. The green and my camera did not get along, which is too bad.

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