Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Pillow Cover!!??

Yes, that's right. I had another fit on Sunday and just had to re-cover an old throw pillow. It was looking a little worn, and needed a facelift anyway.
I love the look of log cabin blocks, and that inspired this design. It's not really a log cabin design, in fact I'm not really sure what to call it. But here it is:
It's made with some of the half-yards I ordered from Connecting Threads (they were on sale for $2.96/yard, and they were could I resist?).
In case you're wondering what it looks like on the other side:
This is the same method I used on the blue&black pillow I made last week. I like this style because 1) it's easy to get on & off the pillow, 2) it's fast to make, & 3) it looks good. Although in retrospect I would have the orange panel on the outside, instead of the blue.
Anyway, I'm definitely on a pillow-making kick, likely because I have a bunch of fabric that isn't tagged for a project. Plus, I like being able to finish a project in a day & enjoy it right away. And did I mention it's good practice for piecing? I'm getting much better at it!

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