Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Year Down

I've noticed a few people "taking time to review" and "reflecting on the year" now that it's December 31st.
I don't.
I'm not re-hashing what happened this year, because quite frankly, what good does it do? How about looking forward to 2012, and what's going to happen? Here's some stuff that I'm looking forward to:

The London Olympics. How cool is that? We get to watch soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton (no, really, have you seen the ferocity girls have when playing?), volleyball...we get to watch the gymnasts flip around like it's nothing to balance on a 4 inch wide beam. We get to watch Michael Phelps break his own record again and bring home more gold.

The Election. I admit, I love politics. Not that you'd ever guess from reading my blog...or speaking to me at work, for that matter. But I follow election news very closely. Because the leader of the United States of America is chosen by us, not someone else. It's a very big deal and always an exciting night.

The End of the World.  Some people say that since the Mayan calendar ends this year, so will the world. Other people say the Mayans got tired of writing. I'm just curious to see how it all goes down.

So what are you looking forward to in 2012?

and here's a little bonus pic of Star to help ring in the new year:

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