Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sunday's Trials (and Errors) part I

I'm having a not-so-lazy Sunday. Actually, it bordered on manic for a few hours. The result of my productivity is a multi-part post.

PGX8HEFSZQHH (<----yes, that looks weird. It's for the folks at technorati, so they know this is my blog. Please forgive it.)

This morning entailed a major shopping trip, during which I spent most of the yen in my wallet. However, I got the office Secret-Santa gift taken care of, and found an awesome gift for my sister.
I also found myself at Nishizawa, a department store that has a pretty nice fabric and crafts floor. I've found some yarn there (Note: 40g worsted weight does not go very far. At all.), and I finally picked up extra purple yarn to finish my amigurumi elephant. See, here he is:

When I said 40g of worsted weight doesn't go far? I meant it. Back in September, I found the yarn section at Nishizawa. I was on a budget, wanted to make some amigurumi, and I figured, this little guy isn't that big, one ball of yarn should be enough for the elephant, with maybe some left over.
I was wrong.
For several months, this is what sat in my yarn box:
Sad, isn't it? He had no legs, no tail...for months! Tim was even asking when I was going to finish this project; I think he felt sorry for it. But today, at last, he can walk!
In case you're curious, this is what the yarn looks like:

I honestly never saw that part on the label where it says "51m" until just now. Huh. I might have saved myself some trouble if I'd looked closer...but then again, I think at the time I was too scared of the kanji and hiragana to look for something that made sense.

I still have no clue what kind of yarn this is; I know that it is very fuzzy and works quite well with a "G" hook. It's pretty cheap, too; less than $2. (The current exchange rate is about $1=75 yen.)

Check out part II of today's post to see where I am on the Quest for the Perfect Motif.

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