Saturday, March 24, 2012


I haven't been doing anything craft-related in an entire week.
It isn't because of work (although there have been a few late nights), it isn't because Tim & I joined a bowling league (although we did), it isn't because I haven't felt motivated (springtime does tend to push back depression a bit).
I'm blaming this on The Hunger Games.
A couple weeks ago, I was traipsing about, exploring what the site believed I'd be interested in. For the most part, they're pretty accurate. (I'm not sure if this should be a good or bad thing, that a company can have me profiled so well.) One of the items was The Hunger Games, and since I noticed a movie tie-in edition, I decided to explore further. It looked interesting, and so I ordered the entire boxed set.
Monday afternoon, it arrived.
Thursday night, I'd finished the first book.
In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I'd finished Catching Fire.
And today, I finished Mockingjay.

So, now I can return to the real world, and anticipate the film arriving in Japan.

I might even get some crafting done.

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  1. I know how you feel. When I read a series of books I just keep reading until I drop. And I can say with some satisfaction that the movie is a really good adaptation. You will hopefully love it! Enjoy.