Sunday, March 11, 2012

My first sock!

The reason I decided to start knitting again was simple: I wanted to knit socks. This idea was initially planted several years ago by my dear friend Gina, who manages to make all things crafty look simple. I thought it might be neat to try, but just never got around to it while I was still stateside because of my anti-knitting attitude. (I blame the staff at that yarn store in Ventura for this. You can figure out which one I mean. There's only one store that sells exclusively yarn.)
Then I got to Japan, started knitting, and started thinking about socks again. And then I was exploring different yarns on Ravelry, and...
Have you seen how awesome sock yarn can be? I think it's amazing.

So here' my first sock:
And yes, there will be a second one to match. Hopefully with a bit more polish to it, too.


  1. I think it is great for your first attempt. Well done

  2. It looks perfect to me and it's not so easy to knit them.
    I like the tigerprint;o)

    1. It's Knitpicks Stroll Tiger. I'm quite happy with how it pooled, too.