Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And it looks as though...

...I will finally finish a quilt! No, really. I don't mean just piecing the top. Or piecing the back. Or piecing the top & back and then setting them both aside to work on something else.
Alright, yes, this is really simple, quite small (crib size), and the pattern was free...but I might actually finish this week! I just can't decide if I'm going to just straight-line quilt it, or take a chance and free-motion quilt it. I've been practicing the latter on scraps. The new sewing machine is definitely inspiring.
Oh, did I not mention that? Around Christmas, I think Tim got a bit fed up with hearing me curse every ten minutes when sewing, and he said I should just buy a new one. I should mention that I'd been thinking about doing just that for a while, but I couldn't justify it quite yet. I guess I just needed someone else to tell me it was ok.
I bought another Brother, this time a CP-7500. So far, I like it a lot. It's a lot quieter than my old one (a LS-2125i that I bought at walmart for $70 four years ago), and it hasn't made me cuss at it yet. I still need to use it some more before I can give it an actual review.

Really, though, my big question to myself is...do I want to try and free-motion quilt this? Part of me really, really wants to try. There's another part that demands perfection (or something close to it) and says "just use the walking foot. You want it to look good."

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