Friday, January 6, 2012

6 afghans in 2012

Yeah, that's right. I do indeed intend to complete 6 crocheted afghans in 2012.
Someone in one of my groups on Ravelry suggested it as a CAL, and I jumped right in. I can do it! It's really only one afghan every two months. That isn't impossible. Last year I managed five.
One of them has already been completed...the crochet clusters afghan I finished on the first day of the year. That's a pretty good start, I think.

So here's the list, in no particular order (because otherwise Tim would pester me about working on more than one at a time):
Babette - because Tim actually asked me to make that one. He saw it, loved it, asked for it. He's not done that before.
Moorish Mosaic - because it's beautiful and will make a good gift for someone.
Painterly Stripe - On Black Friday, there was this ridiculous sale on Lion Brand Homespun was going for less than $4/skein. So I ordered a bunch. That was Black Friday. It is Twelfth Night, and the yarn still isn't here. And customer service never actually answers my inquiries, just tells me that my order should arrive within 20-30 days. No, I'm not buying anything from them ever again. (Especially when WEBS and Knitpicks get orders to me in a week.) But I'm still going to make this afghan, if the yarn ever actually arrives.
New England Revs logo blanket - hmm. Yes, I have the yarn, I need to get to work on this one. It's pretty big, though, and kind of intimidates me.
Sister's Afghan - Remember my quest? ...yeah I should get back on that.
Crochet Clusters - Finished!
...oh wait that doesn't count? Ok, well how about the squares for the CAL? 24, 12" squares will make a decent sized afghan by December.

Yeah I think I can manage this. If it looks like I'm falling behind, Tim will start nagging me anyway.

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