Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beekeeper's Obsession

So, I started knitting these:
And they are every bit as addicting as knitters on Ravelry lead you to believe.

In case you aren't familiar with hexipuffs, I invite you to check them out.

I decided to use the handy-dandy calculator to figure out how many hexipuffs I would need to make a twin-sized quilt. I figured, if I continually knit these for the next 17 years (which shouldn't be too hard), I should have enough to make a quilt for Clinton to take with him to college.
A 40"x80" quilt (which would just cover the top of an extra-long twin bed, which is standard-issue dorm furniture) will take 547 puffs.
There are five already made. In order to finish by my son's 18th birthday, I will need to knit approximately 32 each year. That's more or less 3 each month.
I think I can handle that.

Oh, but wait...we plan on having another baby (or two). And of course I'll need to make puffy quilts for them, as well. That's another 1094 hexipuffs. If I want to have them all completed at the same time, (and just keep the ones for my not-yet-conceived babies tucked away safe and sound until they graduate from high school,) I'll need to knit approximately 96 per year, or 8 per month. That's two per week.
I might still be able to do this, since I always have knitting with me at work for my breaks.

Hey, did I mention that I've had this pattern sitting in my library for a while? I can mark this one as completed :)

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