Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Crunch

I'm actually embarrassed about how poorly I keep this blog updated. I would blame work, or the holidays, or my son...but the truth is, I just haven't much felt like writing.

That's not to say that I haven't been knitting, crocheting or quilting. I've done all three. (Of course, I let the camera battery die, so there's little evidence of this right now.)(I will rectify this later.)
I've managed to piece two quilt tops, started making blocks for a third & fourth one, and just got fabric for a fifth one. Three will be Christmas-y. Yay!

I realized the practicality of having a Christmas tree up with three cats and a toddler was not very great, so I crocheted a small tree instead. For real. (Yeah, I need to charge the camera.)
I made Clinton's Halloween costume last month. We entered him in a local costume contest. Sadly, he did not win...but I did manage to snap this adorable picture of a very sleepy dragon:

Halloween quickly rolled into Veterans Day, and now it's almost Thanksgiving, then my son turns 1, and Christmas will be really soon after that.

I don't really want a big production for any of it. Except the birthday - which won't happen - so...maybe I should get back to knitting Christmas gifts?

Ah, yes, knitting. Well, since my last post, I have finished:
 DNA sweater for my nephew
 Little Hoodlum for my niece
 Greyson for Clinton
 Halloween costume for Clinton
 Sock Monkey for a co-worker's baby
 Random triangle scarf for no reason other than I like to knit on my breaks at work, and sock yarn projects don't need much space in my bag.
 Christmas tree

...I think that's it, but I may have forgotten something.
 Oh, I also made a diaper cake for my co-worker's baby shower. She's using cloth diapers (yay!), so I snagged the ones from her registry and created this:
Yes, the sock monkey is totally wearing a diaper, too.

Anyway, I've still got a few projects that I'm working on this weekend, and then next week is a lot of cooking (because we have two different Thanksgiving parties to attend), and then somehow I need to throw together a birthday party for Clinton. Because for my first child, I cannot not throw a first birthday party. Even if it's just grilling hamburgers and watching his smash a cupcake.

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