Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mug Rug or Table Topper?

I finished this last week and don't know what to call it.
It's 14" square...which makes it a bit too narrow to be a place mat, a bit too big to be a mug rug (which is really just an over-sized coaster, but I'll stick to popular terminology), and too small to properly be a mini-quilt.
I'm promoting it to my sister as "a table centerpiece mat." Something to put underneath the flower vase.

At any rate, it's my entry for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge, hosted by Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts. (Yes, it's that new button in my sidebar that took me forever to figure out how to add!)

This is the first time I've actually joined a quilting challenge, quilt-along, or anything like that.
Oh, yes, the fabric...I received the "Blogger's Choice" Fat Quarter bundle for February, and these were the fabrics that jumped at me and said Use me! Use me! Make us into something pretty!
From the center, I used:
Daisy Cottage Gray Leaf Stripe
Pam Kitty Morning Yellow Powder Puffs
Mimosa Orange Pop Ditsy
Nursery Basics Earth Gingham
Fly a Kite Red Dot (binding)

Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, and hopefully my sister will like it too. (It's going in the box to her as a surprise gift, along with the scarf, beret & coasters. And maybe some Japanese sweets.)


  1. Such a cute little mini! I love it!!

  2. Katherine, it's so cute and yes, a great table topper! Thanks so much for entering the Modern Mini Challenge and including a button on your side bar! Good luck!