Thursday, April 6, 2017

Frogging party

What have I done. Oh, dear. It's pretty awful...and yet, awfully optimistic.
Two projects, frogged. Here are the before pictures:
And the after:

So what happened? Well, I failed to admit that this just wasn't turning out how I'd envisioned it, and remained stubbornly determined that it would be perfect just as soon as it was finished. But it wasn't, no matter how pretty this lace is:
And I grew more upset with it, the more I looked at it, so a-frogging I went.
By the way, single-ply alpaca silk does not like to be frogged. At all.

Then, a decision that this other piece wasn't doing anything spectacular for me, either, so why not just rip it out and make something better? (Tosh DK, on the other hand, doesn't mind being frogged at all.) Although I do like the lace on it, so I might use the stitch pattern somewhere else:

I totally admit, that if I'd made these in acrylic or even some cheap wool like Cascade 220, they would probably be relegated to the bag of finished-objects-I-never-use for eternity. (It's a real thing. In a dark corner of my closet.)
But these aren't cheap yarns, that's Blue Sky Fibers Metalico, and a skein of madelinetosh. Those are yarns that need to be something!
So, a-frogging I went.

And now I know what doesn't work, which means I'm just that much closer to something that does. 

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