Thursday, February 9, 2017

We all know I love crochet, right?

Just a round-up of some recent projects that I've made. Why? Because I like to share, of course!

Iris Mitts

I made these because I wanted some lacy-but-warm fingerless mitts (there's no point to full mittens or gloves in Las Vegas, it just doesn't get that cold here). And I wanted to make them now. I made the pair during a single episode of Dr. Who.

Ballet Slippers

Ok, to be fair these are missing a button flap. But I finished the slippers, I added some puffy paint to the soles so I wouldn't go sliding all over the tile floors, and then I started wearing them. And I only wear them in the house, I don't actually care about them being "complete" or not when they do the job of keeping my toes warm.

Onodrim Shawl

This is actually a work-in-progress. I have a skein of sockweight, and I wanted to make it into a pretty, lacy shawl. And I didn't feel like winging it, and this pattern was just so I decided that's what the yarn needed to become.

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