Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Blues and a Pattern Tease

Well, I didn't think it was possible, but I've managed to ruin a batch of Rice Krispy Treats. Apparently, if you melt the butter and marshmallows at too high heat, they caramelize a bit and you wind up with rock-hard treats that do not want to be cut into smaller bars. It was my first time making these on our new range, and I guess the front burners really do burn hotter than the back ones. Whoops.
The good news is, 4-year-olds don't mind the giant-crisped-rice-marshmallow-brick, they just see an excuse to gnaw on a massive block of sugary goodness.

So it's mid-January, the holidays are behind us, the rest of winter still to come...so I decided it's time to roll out another pattern.

Is my nose really that long?  Maybe it's the angle. Tim was my photographer - he grouses about it, but he does a pretty decent job.

I'm calling this one Wintersong. It's in testing, right now. And it will be released before the end of the month, if all goes according to plan!

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