Friday, February 27, 2015


No, really. I have a pattern in testing right now. I had my DNA scarf test-crocheted by three very talented crocheters, who provided some very useful feedback in exchange for a free copy of the pattern. I've acted as a test crocheter and test knitter myself, but this time I was on the other side as a designer. Pretty neat, actually. (The free patterns I have posted here, my Fall Cables Lapghan and Oenfpp, were not tested prior to sharing. Also, my patterns published in I Like Crochet Magazine were not tested - the magazine has its own technical editors, but magazines have neither time nor resources to have patterns individually test-crocheted prior to publication.)

Now, I have another, somewhat smaller, pattern getting ready for self-publication:
Tea Wallets!

I've made quite a few samples, and most of them will be Easter gifts (and, really, with these pastels, they'll fit right in to the holiday.)

There are a few things I didn't anticipate when I decided to try self-publishing. I'm working through them, and every day I'm improving on my last efforts. 

My biggest challenge, I am learning, is photography. I don't have a super-fancy DSLR camera (which is probably for the best, considering I have a toddler in the house), I don't have extensive training, all I have is a willingness to take 100 pictures to (hopefully) get two or three workable ones.
Thankfully, the digital age has made this much more affordable than it was 20 years ago.

I'm also learning to create charts. This is an added challenge, since it involved learning how to use new software - I'm using Inkscape, which is open-source software similar to Adobe Illustrator. (I use open-source software whenever possible. I really don't have the budget for Adobe and Microsoft packages, even just the home versions.) But, it's pretty fun when I get that "ah-ha" moment, and the charts just magically fit together on the screen.

Anyway, the pattern for these tea wallets is on track to be released in March, just in time for some last-minute crochet Easter gifts. I'll post here when it's released, of course, but you can also stalk my Ravelry store here.

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