Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two weeks in!

We are now two weeks into 2014!
Which means that my leave is up, and I went back to work this morning. Which involved a heartbreaking moment, in which I had to put my son back in his crib before heading upstairs to get ready. That wasn't the heartbreaking part, though.
When his arms turned into little vise grips, and he clutched at my neck with all his strength, and started sobbing in protest as if to say "No Mommy don't go!!" ...yeah, that part made me start to cry a little. And then I started to count how many days I have left before my obligation to Uncle Sam is up...(326, in case you were curious.)

But anyways.
I did manage to knit & crochet up a storm during my time at home (nap times are awesome for crafting!), and I can officially mark the book Pacific Knits as done, as I've now completed three patterns from it (which is actually one more than I require to consider it "done.")(Except I'm not actually "done," since I have a cousin who is expecting and I am totally knitting another sweater from this book as a shower gift.)(Plus I kind of really want to knit myself an Antler cardigan.)
Anyway, what exactly did I knit?
Well, I made the Campfire pullover for Clinton:
Not the greatest photo, I know. It's horribly over-exposed. But it's also the only photo he's let me get! This boy runs circles around me (and Tim. And the cats.)
But you can still see the lovely Fair Isle pattern (my first experience doing stranded colorwork! Woo-hoo!) and the awesome shawl collar that Tim dislikes so much. (I agree that this isn't a style I would buy in a store...but really, it looks so cute on him!)

Anyways, I know it's just morning in North America, but here in Japan it is getting very close to my bedtime, so I wish you all good-night!

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