Saturday, March 30, 2013

Music & Memory

I'm sure you've had memories triggered by a song before. Maybe it was the song playing for your first slow-dance that takes you back to your freshman homecoming. ("In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, in case you wondered.) Or your first dance at your wedding. (We didn't have a reception, but I kept the playlist from our dinner.)

My dad is a fan of Little River Band. Consequently, I grew up on their music. Every time I hear them I'm suddenly 9 years old and riding in the car to Eastern Market on a Saturday morning. My dad says that every time he hears the song "Reminiscing" he's back on a particular stretch of I-75 in 1978.

This week, I heard a song on the radio that took me instantly back in time. Not 20+ years back, but the feeling was so intense that I'm pretty sure it will always do this.
What song was it? "1901" by Phoenix.
Really, I'm not a fan of them, but this one song rocketed me back 4 years, riding shotgun in a truck through the mountains in central California. It was just one of those times when the weather was great, the sun was out, we had some time and we were just having fun, chasing some friends down a dirt road, trailing my hand out the window to catch the wind.
Did I mention it took me another 3 years to even find out what the song was? It didn't matter. Every time it plays on the radio, that's where I am. It's possible that in 20 years, I'll hear it on the radio and tell my son where it takes me. And hopefully he'll have musical memories of his own.

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