Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seeing the USA in my Chevrolet...

I actually never thought I'd get to do that. I always thought it was just a nostalgic Chevy jingle, and I was destined to go no further than 300 miles from home in any of the Chevrolets I have owned. (For the record, there were 3. Plus a fourth that was on loan from a friend whilst he was deployed to Afghanistan. Technically it might be 5; California is a community property state and my husband drives a Malibu...Huh. Just caught that one.)
And yet here I am, trekking across the southwest in my tiny compact, cheap economical Cobalt.
So I left the West coast this morning, where it was about 67 degrees. When I drove through Needles, it was close to 92 degrees. As I was driving across Arizona, the temperature fluctuated quite a bit and by 6pm it was about 47 degrees. Of course, all these readings require me to trust the thermometer in my car, whose reliability (in reading the current climate, anyway) is a bit questionable.
So my mission this week is to see as many national parks/monuments/forests as I can...I have a National Park Service Annual Pass, so I won't have to keep shelling out for entrance fees.
More to follow.

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